Football Training

Training for football players in small groups aimed at improving individual technical skills, developing 1v1(2) duels, as well as increasing confidence in real-game situations
Throughout its history, football has accumulated a rich arsenal of means of teaching football techniques. Modern football is primarily a dynamic, high-speed sport, and only the team whose players are able to quickly solve both team and individual tasks that arise during the match achieves high results. Consequently, there are new requirements for the training of both young football players and professionals.

Technique first!

The physical and technical training of football players are closely interconnected by the unity and direction of development, but, nevertheless, the leading role belongs to technical training. Football is a game with relatively difficult techniques, it is not natural for people. This, in fact, can explain the initial characteristic complexity of the entire process of preparing football players. It is necessary to present this long educational process with “difficult technique” on personal training clearly and simply to achieve maximum results in a relatively minimal time.

Personal method

Winsport Academy provides young football players with the opportunity to improve their technical skills at a young age, when the athlete’s body is more receptive to it. Taking into account the age periodization, our coaches draw up an optimal plan for improving the technical skills of an athlete of each age.

Challenges and drawings

Winsport Academy understands that for the best progress, the player must be as interested and motivated as possible. We try to create a favorable and positive atmosphere for the athlete in our training. It’s always nice to win in sports, so several times a month at our training sessions we hold football draws and challenges for valuable prizes.

Pluses of personal football training

  • Development of individual technical skills of working with the ball: dribbling, pass and receiving the ball , attack completion skills and much more;
  • Improving 1v1, 1vs 2x, 1vs 3x skills;
  • Improvement of individual defensive actions;
  • Development of quickness of thinking in real game situations against opponents;
  • Increasing general physical fitness, and specifically motor skills, reactions, coordination, agility and speed of the legs;
  • Increased psychological confidence on the field
There is also the possibility of a completely personal 1 on 1 session with a coach. Consult with our experts.


The main direction of the Winsport Academy activity is football training aimed at improving the personal qualities of the player.
We promote the individual growth of every player who comes to our practice Taking into account age periodization, our coaches draw up an optimal plan for improving the technical skills of athletes of each age.
Train with us and we will help you to reach your full potential!

goalkeeper training

Training for football goalkeepers to improve
special qualities of the player. Training is aimed at improving goalkeeper technique, as well as getting the maximum practice of game goalkeeper actions per session.

Info about training:

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Football hall

In winter, training takes place in a warm hall at the address: Kindluse Kool: Roheluse tee 4, Järveküla.

Schedule of training:

Training starts in winter

Infonet staadion

During the warm season, training takes place on the football field at: Punane 45, Lasnamae, Tallinn Training duration: 60-70 minutes


Tuesday 17:00 - 18:00 / 18:00-19:00 Friday 17:00 - 18:00 / 18:00-19:00

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60 – 70 minutes session
Personal method
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Small group session
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Game situations and interactions


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Unlimited visit per month
Small group training
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 тренерская лицензия UEFA
степень EKR  Eesti Olümpiakomitee 
опыт работы более 5 лет
 работа с игроками разных возрастов


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